Application for European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine (EuSpLM)

Step 1: Personal Data

Please enter your personal data. Please do not write in capital letters. Note the tooltips.

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Step 2: Personal Declaration

Acceptance of the conditions of the EC4 Register is essential for all who seek to join it.
You should read the following statement and then sign it to indicate that you understand it and will abide by it:

"I hereby apply to be registered as a European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine. In making this application I affirm that:

  • I have read and understood the Guide to the EC4 Register and the accompanying syllabus.
  • I consider my training to meet the minimum standards in the 'Guide to the EC4 Register'.
  • I consider that I am competent to practise as specified in the 'Guide to the EC4 Register'.
  • I shall abide by the EC4 Code of Conduct."


Step 4: Finance

The application fee is 50.00 EUR (55.00 GBP for applicants from the UK). This fee is non-returnable. If your application is accepted, this fee will cover registration for a period of five years.

Credit card payment can not be accepted.

Without proof of payment the application cannot be processed (except UK and NL)

Please upload a proof of payment (bank transfer receipt) below or from the member area.
(You can login into the member area after completing your application.)
In case of payment by institution the banktransfer notes must contain the name of EVERY applicant.